Weekend / Weekday Comparison with Google Data Studio Calculated Field

User level analytics assumes that a user will adhere to similar behaviour traits for the reporting period but when these users are city dwelling / office going humans can you really count on that?

At least me and most of the people I know are completely different people on weekends when it comes to patterns of media consumption, buying, spending time, almost everything. These patterns are different for each segment and cohort.

The range is quite wide with some believing
“Weekends don’t count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless.”
To others who think
“I hate weekends because there is no stock market.”


Having said that its quite certain that no matter what cohort a user belongs to his / her behaviour on weekends is not same as that on weekdays. Which is why it is of utmost importance from a marketers perspective to understand change in the behaviour patterns which should help in building more relevant campaigns for weekdays and weekends.

If you are using any analytics / marketing tool it will surely have ability to report any metrics based on day of the week, like a report shown below from Google Analytics.

Day Of The Week

A similar report is available in AdWords as well but this report leaves a lot to be desired in terms of weekend Vs weekday analysis. If you want to analyse the same report by source / medium it will look like.

Day Of The Week by source

This report does not give you weekend vs weekday analysis at a glance and you probably will need to download this and juggle with data in a spreadsheet program to aggregate data at weekday / weekend level.

While I personally have been yearning for this feature in Google Analytics as well as Google AdWords thankfully now this is possible with Google Data Studio. Lets take a look at example with number of sessions and ecommerce conversion rate with data source as Google Analytics

How to aggregate metrics at weekend / weekday level in Google data studio?

  • Log in to Google Data studio
  • Connect your data source (Google Analytics) to your report
  • Create a calculated field
  • Name the field as DayType
  • Use formula CASE WHEN Day of Week Name IN (‘Saturday’, ‘Sunday’) THEN “Weekend” WHEN Day of Week Name NOT IN (‘Saturday’, ‘Sunday’) THEN “Weekday” END
  • Create report with dimensions as source and DayTyle , metrics as sessions and ecommerce conversion rate.

Google Data Studio Calculated Field

And you are ready to aggregate weekend / weekday data at any dimension level to check if your users are stock brokers missing the stock markets or mountain bikers browsing from wilderness.

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