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I am sure all of you must have heard the story of an old engineer and hammer. The story is about a retired engineer is called back to get the broken-down machine working again. This engineer gets the engine running by hitting the machine with a sledgehammer and charges the company $5000. The itemized bill reading as
Hammer: $5
Knowing where to hit the machine with the hammer: $4995.

Google analytics is a lot like this story. Although it rarely breaks down it’s hard to figure out where to hit the hammer to get it running again. Now some companies can pay people like me $5000 to get it running but not everyone can. And for those who can’t, Google has come up with a tool which can help in finding out the misconfigured part of their Google Analytics account.

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These tools take into account almost all possibilities for the wrong configuration like incorrect UTM tagging of campaign URLs, wrong code placement, incorrect custom report design.
Most of the user and even some power users of Google Analytics struggle explaining (not set) data in Google Analytics and the tool which is specifically meant for not set is a great help to get explanations and fixes on not set data.

  1. Unable to sign in to account: Locked out of your Google Analytics account? This troubleshooter will help you get in.
  2. Troubleshoot tracking-code setup and no-data issues: This is probably the most common place where the trouble starts, but no worried this trouble-shooter helps you with fixing issues with your tracking code, and you don’t need to be a programmer to use this.
  3. Troubleshoot goal setup: Goals are most important part of any analysis and if your goals are misconfigured it can throw all your analysis off. So if you have any doubts about your goal setup just follow this trouble-shooter and find a way out.
  4. Troubleshoot discrepancies in goals, transactions, and AdWords conversions: Discrepancies in different data sources has always been favorite discussion topic amongst marketers. No more I guess, this trouble-shooter has all the answers about discrepancies between Google AdWords and Google Analytics.
  5. Troubleshoot AdWords/Analytics linking: Linking Google Analytics and AdWords account is of utmost importance for seamless reporting and this tool walks you through the process.
  6. Troubleshoot AdWords clicks vs. Analytics sessions: Clicks and sessions are never a 100% match, and this tool will explain why.
  7. Troubleshoot Ecommerce tracking and reporting: E-commerce tracking can be quite a beast without technical knowledge, but this tool will help you pinpoint the missing pieces of the beast even if you are not a programmer.
  8. Troubleshoot Multi-Channel Funnels reporting: Multi-channel funnels is less about technology and more about understanding the logic of multiple touchpoints in the user journey. This tool walks you through this logic with just a few clicks.
  9. Troubleshoot (not set) data in your reports: (Not set) and (Not Provided) dimension values in Google Analytics have always been a thorn in the flesh for all marketers. Here seems to be the answer.
  10. Troubleshoot traffic fluctuations/inconsistencies: Cant trust your traffic data in Google Analytics? This is the solution.

These tools are simple step by step guides which can help even complete novice to Google Analytics in detecting the problem with his / her account. Although the process is quite straightforward, I am going to cover one sample use case for one of these tools to make usage of these tools crystal clear to the readers.

Let’s take an example of one of the most common issues faced about Google Analytics goal setup.

Do you find something wrong with your goal data? Does it look too good to be true? Too bad to be true? The number of leads submitted in Google Analytics do not match with actual leads you received? All of these questions can be answered with help of Google Analytics goal setup trouble-shooter.

Step1: Visit Google analytics goal trouble-shooter








Step 3: The trouble-shooter will ask you to chose one of 3 options which define your problem in the best possible way.














Depending on each choice you make as answer the trouble-shooter will either provide you a probably answer or present you with a question to refine your problem statement.

Even if you make an incorrect choice you dot have to start over, you can start from editing step where the incorrect choice was made by clicking small pencil icon at the top right-hand corner of the question.

Each of the trouble-shooter mentioned above is built for a different purpose but the best part is, even if you are not sure which trouble-shooter to choose you can choose the what you feel seems to be closest to your troubles and if that it will guide you to the best possible option with other troubleshooters. For example, I started with troubleshooting fluctuations and inconsistencies with traffic but with the choices. But eventually, it led me to clicks vs sessions trouble-shooter with the choices I made.
















These trouble-shooters are amazing self-serve tools especially for small and medium businesses who can not afford expensive consultants. These can help you to identify issues with your Google Analytics set up, tracking or configuration within a matter of minutes. The best part is these tools not only identify the issue with your Google Analytics set up but also suggest ways to fix the same.



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