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Recently a new settings under property settings was launched called “User Metric Reporting”. I tried to look for official documentation on this but could find very little documentation giving clear idea and use cases for this feature. In absence of documentation I thought its best to try it out and report the findings and comparison of “User Metric Reporting Enabled” and Disabled data for same period for same website.

This feature can be found by navigating to Admin > Property Settings > User Analysis

The experiment:

  • 2 Properties were created , 1 with User Metric Reporting Enabled and Other disabled.
  • Lets call property with “User Metric Reporting Enabled”  as “Property E” and “User Metric Reporting Disabled”  as “property D”
  • Both codes were instrumented on a website
  • This website has very little traffic and thus has no chance of data being sampled

The Comparison:

Here is comparison of important metrics for both properties.

  • Users:
    • Property D: 11
    • Property E: 11
  • Sessions
    • Property D: 13
    • Property E: 13
  • Pageviews
    • Property D: 20
    • Property E: 20
  • Goal Completions
    • Property D: 2
    • Property E: 2

I tried to compare metrics for 3 levels ( hit level, user level and session level) and the results are identical. I am sure now you are wondering if nothing has changed why this new feature? and its not even 1st of April…..

The changes: 

Although metrics haven’t changed some reports have changed composition, lets take a look. Here are screenshots from “Property E” and “Porperty D” for audience overview report.

User Metrics Enabled
User Metrics Enabled
User Metrics Disabled
User Metrics Disabled

As you can see the data is identical but it has been rearranged, when you enable user metrics in reporting the data is rearranged to show user level metrics like number of sessions per user and show other user level metrics with more prominence. Similar changes are done to acquisition and other pre-built GA reports.

Although this data is for just one day and I will keep an eye for this data and will update this article if there is any significant change.

If you want to to check out how reporting looks like for property which has “User Metric Reporting Enabled”,  you can check out Goggle Analytics Demo Account, properties under this account are already have “User Metric Reporting Enabled”.


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