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Segments in Google Analytics is a powerful tool which helps you limit your data to set of users or sessions which meet your criteria. Google Analytics interface provides you with several segments which are prebuilt and are called system plugins and you can find these by navigating to Segments >> system as shown in the screenshot below. These segments can be used for reporting as well as for creating remarketing lists. But system segments are never enough and most of the users need to define their own custom segments. In this post, I have compiled a list of most useful segments that I have used in my career so far. Where-to-find-system-segments

#1 Device segments:

Google Analytics system segments provide you with 3 device plugins “Tablet and Desktop Traffic”, “Tablet and Mobile Traffic” and “Mobile Traffic” but as you must have realized, there is no system segment for “Tablet Traffic” and “Desktop Traffic”. You can import these custom segments into your account by just clicking these links “Google Analytics Desktop Traffic Segment“, “Google Analytics Tablet Traffic Segment

#2 Social Traffic:

Google Analytics system segments include segments for all important channels except for social. Here is a  segment which you can import into your Google Analytics account and use it to analyse social traffic. “Google Analytics Social Traffic Segment“. Using this segment you can compare performance of social traffic against any other channel

#3 Free Traffic:

While Google Analytics system segments have a place for the segment “Paid Traffic” strangely enough system segments do not have segment defined for “Free Traffic”. Which means there is no way for you to compare the performance of “Paid traffic” vs “Free Traffic”. Here is a custom segment for “Google Analytics Free Traffic Segment“.

#4 Mobile OS Traffic:

In #1 we have already covered device level traffic segmentation but within mobile devices, performance and behaviour of Android and iOS users usually is a sea apart. On desktops,  Windows still seems to be ruling the world and there doesn’t seem to be a need for device-level segments. As for mobile goes, although Android has majority market share, iOS still has a significant market share and iOS users usually tend to be of higher value compared to Android users. Here are segments for comparison between iOS and Android for mobile traffic. “Google Analytics Mobile Android Traffic Segment“, “Google Analytics Mobile iOS Traffic Segment“.

#5 Active users for 7, 14 and 28 days:

7-day active users, 14-day active users & 28-day active users are very important metrics and while these metrics can be tracked with active users report in Google Analytics, other performance metrics for these 3 sets cannot be compared with active users report. This is where segments come into the picture. Creating these segments is a bit tricky as day x active users as dimension or metric is not available in segment creation interface. As a workaround, I have used “Days since last session” to define these segments. Here are links to segments which you can import into your Google Analytics account “7-day active users“, “14-day active users“, “28-day active users

#6 Users by Gender:

While you can easily report users by gender from demographics report if you have enabled it (here is help on enabling gender in Google Analytics), system segments do not include gender wise segments for comparing metrics of both genders. This is really important from site experience perspective and analyzing if one of the two genders is finding your site or content not appealing and what can you do to fix it. Here are segments for “Google Analytics segment for male traffic“, “Google Analytics segment for female traffic” and “Google Analytics segment for gender not available

Google Analytics segmentation if used along with Google Analytics custom reporting can be the potent drill that you need to dig deep into a ton of dirt and help you find the gold in form of insight that you are looking for.  You can also find more custom segments, custom reports and dashboards at Google Analytics Solutions Gallery.

As a recap here are segments which are covered in this post.

  1. Google Analytics Desktop Traffic Segment
  2. Google Analytics Tablet Traffic Segment
  3. Google Analytics Social Traffic Segment
  4. Google Analytics Free Traffic Segment
  5. Google Analytics Mobile Android Traffic Segment
  6. Google Analytics Mobile iOS Traffic Segment
  7. 7-day active users
  8. 14-day active users
  9. 28-day active users
  10. Google Analytics segment for male traffic,
  11. Google Analytics segment for female traffic
  12. Google Analytics segment for gender not available

Stay tuned for more custom google analytics segments

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