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I love to create small utilities which help marketers in ifficiently managing their tasks. These tools are addons which will help marketers in reporting, creating campaigns and managing campaigns. 

This place where I will publish these utilities and if you are using either of these a feed back and rating is greatly appriciated. 

Google Analytics Heatmap Calendar

Few days ago I publushed a top about Google Analytics calendar heatmap and my few of my friends asked about availability of this feature on web / browser interface of Google Analytics. Altho this feature is not available right now on GA browser interface I hope Google includes this in GA roadmap. 

In the mean while you can use this spreadsheet add-on.

Using this Add-on is really easy.

  1. Install Google Analytics Calendar Heatmap Add-on on your google drive
  2. Click on Add-Ons >> GA Calendar Heatmap >> HeatMap config
  3. Fillow instructions on configuration sheet to provide details requested in column B
  4. Click on Add-Ons  >> GA Calendar Heatmap >> Build HeatMap

With this Add-on you can plot any GA metric as Calendar HeatMap for week.

If you wish to customize this Add-on you can find sourcecode ongithub

 ScreenShot of HeatMap



Google Analytics Bulk URL Builder Spreadsheet Add-on

Google Analytics Bulk URL Builder Spreadsheet Add-on is 1st tool published by me and hope it helps marketers in saving their time and effort. Install Add-On from chrome store


I have used several URL builders and the it always felt counterproductive to tag one URL at a time when a typical web campaign needs several URLs to be tagged with changes in landing page, creative, audience, etc. I have been using a macro in excel to get over this challenge but Google Spreadsheet Add-On gave me a way to share the same functionality with others.


There are 7 columns in this tool, column 1 to 6 are input columns and column 7 is output column.


URl builder

Landing Page / Application ID: In this column landing page of your webiste (e.g. or if you are running app install campaigns your application id. (e.g should be provided. 

Source: In this column source of the campaign should be provided (e.g. Google, Facebook, email, etc).

Medium: In this column medium of the campaign should be provided (e.g. CPC, CPM, CPI, email, etc).

Campaign: In this column name of the campaign should be provided (e.g. Brand Campaign, xmas campaign, Deewali campaign, etc).

Content: In this column banner theme of the creative should be provided (e.g. beach, snow, discount, headline of text ad, etc).

Term: In this column keyword which triggered the click should be provided (e.g. {keyword} for AdWords).

Although only Source is mandatory its recommended to have at least Source . medium and campaign.

Destination URL: This is output which you can use in your campaigns as landing page. 


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