Shopping Campaigns Report Google Analytics - A promising feature

New Shopping Campaigns report in Google Analytics is 1st step towards what could eventually turn out to be dream come true for optimizing shopping campaigns.

Shopping campaigns have always been challenge from optimizing perspective because of minimal controls on search quires. There are no keywords and matchtypes by which you can control the search queries on which your ads should ideally be triggering. This made shopping campaigns bit of a black box to work with and required managers to invest a lot of time in mining through search terms and negative management.


Understanding Attribution Modelling in Google Universal Analytics:

Attribution is the process of identifying a set of user actions (“events”) that contribute in some manner to a desired outcome, and then assigning a value to each of these events.Wikipedia

This is perfect definition of attribution especially in era of multiple marketing channels on multiple devices are targeting same set of users looking for same desired outcome. Most of the conversions recorded on Google Universal Analytics these days have more than 1 channel involved in the buyer journey from exposure to conversion and in this case which channel should be credited for conversions where more than 1 channels are involved in journey of user? Well there are no easy answers to this question, in fact there are no answers to this question at all. There are perspectives and everyone is free to choose any perspective he or she feels comfortable with.


Customizing Channel Grouping Universal Analytics:

Channel Grouping Google Analytics:
By default basic installation of your google analytics will give you channel groups which are defined below along with definition of each channel.

  • Direct: Source exactly matches Direct AND Medium exactly matches (not set) OR Medium exactly matches (none)
  • Organic Search: Medium exactly matches organic
  • Referral: Medium exactly matches referral
  • Email: Medium exactly matches emai
  • Paid search: Medium matches regex ^(cpc|ppc|paidsearch)$ AND Ad Distribution Network does not exactly match Content
  • Other advertising: Medium matches regex ^(cpv|cpa|cpp|content-text)$
  • Social: Social Source Referral exactly matches Yes OR Medium matches regex ^(social|social-network|social-media|sm|social network|social media)
  • Display: Medium matches regex ^(display|cpm|banner)$ OR Ad Distribution Network exactly matches Content AND Ad Format does not exactly match Text

Using Event Listeners in Google Tag Manager for Form Submit Analytics Event Tracking

Using Event Listeners in Google Tag Manager for Form Submit Analytics Event Tracking

Event tracking without butchering of JavaScript sounds quite unbelievable but is very much possible with latest updates to Google Tag Manager. 

I personally like Google Tag Manager a lot because of simple reason that it prevents butchering of JavaScript Code and decreases dependency on complicated coding.

Lets see how to achieve this, I am going to take example of google analytics event for form submission.

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