Nikhil Parachure

Nikhil Parachure

Nikhil is nothing short of "Swiss Knife of Digital Marketing". Over  the course of last 10 years he has been involved in practically every facet of Digital Marketing and Analytics.

Starting career with paid search, Nikhil has built and managed award winning digital campaigns, has been Google Adwords Top Contributor, Planned and implemented several complex and large scale web and mobile analytics implementations. Currently working for Myntra as Manager Analytics Nikhil is also conducts trainings on Web Analytics, Mobile Analytics and Digital Marketing.


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Google Analytics Session Quality | Understand | Use | Decode

Google Analytics continues to find ways to make it easy for users without marketing or analytics experience to understand data and help them automate marketing campaigns. As part of this exercise Google Analytics recently launched Session quality (Beta) metric, this metric helps users in understanding quality of the traffic without diving deep into data and also enables them to use build user cohorts for remarketing campaigns.

In this article we are going to understand how this metric can be used and also we will try to decode the formula of this metric.


Weekend / Weekday Comparison with Google Data Studio Calculated Field

User level analytics assumes that a user will adhere to similar behaviour traits for the reporting period but when these users are city dwelling / office going humans can you really count on that?

At least me and most of the people I know are completely different people on weekends when it comes to patterns of media consumption, buying, spending time, almost everything. These patterns are different for each segment and cohort.

The range is quite wide with some believing
“Weekends don't count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless.”
To others who think
“I hate weekends because there is no stock market.”

SUPERWEEK Comes to India

Hungarian online measurement-veteran Zoltán Bánóczy started SUPERWEEK in the year 2011. The conference has been at a snowy Hungarian mountaintop and in the sun-drenched Jamaica. Since 2011 SuperWeek has come a long way and is now measurement industry’s premier digital analytics conference. Now for 1st time it will be held in India at Hotel Novotel, Juhu Beach, and Mumbai between 5th - 7th January, 2017.

This year has an interesting line-up of distinguished international speakers like Charles Farina (USA), Craig Sullivan (UK), Kristoffer Ewald (Switzerland), Roberto Croci (UAE), Steen Rasmussen (Denmark) and Indian Speakers Chanpreet Singh (Times Internet Group), Vijay Anand (Sulekha) Kaveri Misra (Makemytrip), Vivek Singh, Ravi Pathak (Tatvic) and many more.

For more details and tickets check out official SuperWeek India Website.


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