Inside Google Analytics User explorer


What is it?

Google analytics finally launched user explorer based on anonymous client ids. As the name suggests it lets you explore activities at user level for your website or app. But before we dive deeper lets 1st understand the concept of user from perspective of Google Analytics. This feature visualizes user journey of every user on your website / App with appealing graphical interface.


Or statements using Regular Expressions – Google Analytics

I have no idea why this strange looking mixture of special characters(referred as Metacharacters) is called regular expressions, quite honestly they look very ….. Irregular.

Any way if you Google Analytics is your trade then regular expressions can save you a ton of time and effort. You can use regular expressions in Segements , Report Filters, View Filters. What you can achieve with regular expressions can also be achieved with hard work and spreadsheets. But I am not a hard working guy so I kinda like regular expressions, which saves me effort.


Universal Analytics Cross Platform Tracking for Non Browser Based Devices.

Let me start by wishing a merry christmas to everyone.  And although subject of this post is actually not in any way related to festive spirit I hope you find it interesting.

Last year when I 1st came across ground breaking video from loves data in which they tracked effect of coffee consumption on productivity I was stunned to say the least. This technique took web analytics beyond browsers, which not only is important because everyday user content consumption is increasing on non-browser based device but also because offline data influencing user behavior now can be tied to users behavior online and vice versa.
A few weeks ago I was diagnosed with Diabetes and I wanted to study several factors which may affect my blood sugar levels but there was no platform available for this because most of this data either existed on different devices and there was no way to aggregate this data.


Understanding Sessions, Users, New visitors and Returning visitors in Google / Universal Analytics.

One of the most basic but most important logic of Google Universal Analytics is to understand how these  base metrics are defined. All other advanced metrics are in some way or other are dependent on these  metrics and If you have to understand how google analytics works then understanding these metrics is key to your google analytics knowledge.

Lets start with official definition of each of these metrics.

1 Session: A session is a group of interactions that take place on your website within a given time frame.

2Users: Total number of users to your property for the requested time period.

3New visitor: The number of users whose session on your property was marked as a first-time session.

4Returning visitor: The number of users whose session on your property was marked as second or more time.

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