Hierarchy of account, property & View…In Google / Universal Analytics

1st thing you encounter after logging in to an existing universal analytics account is a vertical tree menu of accounts properties and views. Before even talking about reporting, customization or advanced analytics it’s important to understand this tree structure and how it affects your reporting and data collection.

Let’s try to understand this hierarchy with example of a company which runs 2 business lines, first in apparel business and second in travel business.
Apparel business runs 2 ecommerce portals first being cheap.com for cost effective apparel and other being exclusive.com representing expensive brands.
Travel business runs 3 websites first intended for Hotel booking second intended for flight bookings and third being a travel blog which feed traffic to hotel and flight websites.
Each business has different individuals working on different parts of portals and data needs to be each individual should be able to access data related to his business and his business only. Here is a sample of how these accounts will be set up.

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