Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts (2)

Everything that comes to my mind

Happy Hour Deals

Deals hanging over the head,

Cashbacks on bills to be paid,

Discounts on right adding to my plight

Coupons to my left and loyalty points amassed are kept

Lowest prices and free shipping

Dude my head is almost spinning

I crunch the numbers while my credt card enjoys

God I need to freedom from free so I look for happy hour deal


Web Analytics: Correlation, Causation & Linking Variables

Digital analytics is a set of business and technical activities that define, create, collect, verify or transform digital data into reporting, research, analyses, recommendations, optimizations, predictions, and automations. – Wikipedia

Okay that’s a lot of tasks, but as a web analyst 90% of the time I am asked for reports about cause and effect relationship These reports usually consist of Explanatory and Response Variables. For example number of goal conversions by source. In this case Number of conversions is Response variable and source is explanatory variable, in simple terms cause and effect relationship.

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