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Google Analytics Session Quality | Understand | Use | Decode

Google Analytics continues to find ways to make it easy for users without marketing or analytics experience to understand data and help them automate marketing campaigns. As part of this exercise Google Analytics recently launched Session quality (Beta) metric, this metric helps users in understanding quality of the traffic without diving deep into data and also enables them to use build user cohorts for remarketing campaigns.

In this article we are going to understand how this metric can be used and also we will try to decode the formula of this metric.



Google Analytics New Unique events and Unique Dimension Combinations -- Video

Google Analytics Deprecated a metric Unique Events During the month of Oct 2016 and also introduced another metric with same name. This video explains impact of this change. Along with this the video also briefly talks about a new metric Unique Dimension Combinations.


Analytics and Smiles...

A picture is worth a thousand words and a smile is worth a dozen Frowns...

I have been looking at numbers every day for last 10 years, every click, every visit and every event was always a number, anonymous data point. One fine day I was invited to talk in front of an audience of aspiring digital analysts and I started thinking if I can actually show something to these aspiring minds which can be beyond just career opportunities and numbers.


Using motion charts and logarithmic scale in google analytics : Part 1

This is series on google analytics motion charts is going to cover everything about motion charts in 3 parts as below.

  • Part1: Introduction to motion charts
  • Part 2: Using and configuring motion charts
  • Part 3: Using Logarithmic scales with motion charts

A simple linear line chart which is default chart a user gets in google analytics above the reporting table is probably only chart most of us use in google analytics and are not even aware or of. But there are other types of charts available in Google Analytics and these can be used to understand GA data where normal charts might actually have a bit of blind spot.

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