Google Analytics Bulk URL Builder Spreadsheet Add-on

Google Analytics Bulk URL Builder Spreadsheet Add-on is 1st tool published by me and hope it helps marketers in saving their time and effort. Install Add-On from chrome store


I have used several URL builders and the it always felt counterproductive to tag one URL at a time when a typical web campaign needs several URLs to be tagged with changes in landing page, creative, audience, etc. I have been using a macro in excel to get over this challenge but Google Spreadsheet Add-On gave me a way to share the same functionality with others.


There are 7 columns in this tool, column 1 to 6 are input columns and column 7 is output column.


URl builder

Landing Page / Application ID: In this column landing page of your webiste (e.g. http:/.com/contact) or if you are running app install campaigns your application id. (e.g should be provided.

Source: In this column source of the campaign should be provided (e.g. Google, Facebook, email, etc).

Medium: In this column medium of the campaign should be provided (e.g. CPC, CPM, CPI, email, etc).

Campaign: In this column name of the campaign should be provided (e.g. Brand Campaign, xmas campaign, Deewali campaign, etc).

Content: In this column banner theme of the creative should be provided (e.g. beach, snow, discount, headline of text ad, etc).

Term: In this column keyword which triggered the click should be provided (e.g. {keyword} for AdWords).

Although only Source is mandatory its recommended to have at least Source . medium and campaign.

Destination URL: This is output which you can use in your campaigns as landing page. 


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