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Google Analytics Tips (19)

Google Analytics tips / quick wins which you can start using right away and make diffrence. 

Google Analytics Tip of the day - Customizing Session and Campaign Attribution

Google Analytics by default starts a new session after 30 minutes of inactivity, but your experience says its too much or too less. Can you change it? Sure you can. Navigate to Admin >> Property >> Tracking info >> Session Settings and change the settings for analytics session.

The same way you can also change attribution logic for google analytics. By default Google Analytics keeps attribution of campaign for 180 days unless overridden by another campaign. You want to make it shorter or longer? You can do so by navigating to the same path as above.

session campaign settings


Google Analytics Tip of the day - Stopping Scheduled Reports

I just love feature of scheduling reports in Google Analytics but sometimes after a getting report in my mailbox a few times you either don't want it any more or sometimes it becomes irrelevant with changing business metrics. But GA keeps sending it to you at desired (now not so desired) intervals and the opt out email in the link lets you opt out from all emails from a specific user but not for a particular report. 

Here is how you can stop a scheduled report in GA.

Navigate to Admin >> View >> Scheduled Emails

 Email ReportsActions >> Delete





Google Analytics Tip of the day - Lifetime Value Only For Apps

Life time value

User acquisition and Life time user value are probably 2 most talked topics in analytics world at the moment. Google Analytics has pretty cool report for tracking life time value of user and not only for revenue but also for --

  • Revenue
  • Goal value
  • App Screen Views
  • Session Duration per user
  • Sessions per user
  • Transactions per user.

This feature right now is only available for Mobile apps and not for mobile web and can be accessed by navigating to Audience >> Lifetime Value.



Google Analytics Tip of the day - A Better way to compare dates

Comparing important metrics for diffrent time period plays a major role in understanding seasonality, product improvements, marketing campaign impact, and many more aspects of business. 

Google analytics makes it super easy to compare metrics for diffrent dates with date comparison feature as shown in screenshot.

compare calendar

But this still gives you a birds eye view and if you want to drill down at each dimension value level, e.g. which are landing pages which have improved in period X compared to period Y or which campaigns have had more conversion rate during compared date ranges, etc. Google Analytics makes it really easy for you to sort data by diffrence during 2 periods.

 compare sort


Google Analytics Tip of the day - Week Starting on Monday

Weekly reporting integral part of every job function and if you use custom reporting in GA you must have realized that default week in GA starts on Sunday while there are several organisations which follow a different convention of week starting on Monday. If you work for one of these organisations weekly reporting gets difficult as you have to download report by date and then collate this data for a week. 

But a small trick which can save a ton of your time is dimension called ISO Week of the Year. This will give you weekly data with starting day of the week as Monday.

iSO week



Google Analytics Tip of the day - Attribution Model Comparison

In an omnichannel and omni-device world its practically impossible to attribute user actions to a particular marketing channel. Ever wonder which channel is working best as introducing channel and which is working best as conversion channel?

Find out more at Conversions >> Attribution >> Model Comparison

Model comparison

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